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E-Flite UMX A-10 BL BNF Basic EFLU3750

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E-Flite UMX A-10 BL BNF Basic EFLU3750
Unlike stealth aircraft that take out enemies anonymously or from a distance, the A-10 Warthog is designed to get up close and personal with its targets. Its mere appearance over the battlefield is enough to send most enemy ground forces running for cover, especially if they’ve ever gotten a taste of its 30mm nose cannon – a weapon so powerful, it can shred through the armour of a tank with a single burst. This awesome firepower, combined with its ability to turn on a dime and stay on station while taking enormous amounts of damage, has made the A-10 America’s premier close air support fighter for over 40 years.


E-Flite UMX A-10 BL BNF Basic EFLU3750

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Manufacture's Part Number EFLU3750
Barcode 605482172865
SmartOSC XBarcode 605482172865
Brand E-Flite

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