3m Sports Jet T3

T-One Models T-3 3m Sports Jet is large and has all the great flight characteristics as the T-1 but bigger, smoother and more docile due to its size. The T-3 is by far one of the most inexpensive 3 meter jets on the market today. Some of the top world class pilots prefer it over other brands due to its cost and flight characteristics. Its designed to fly on 180n to 250n size engines.

T-3 Sport Jet like its little brother is built with the same technology, care and precision that you see in all other T-one model products. The construction is comprised of Airex composite sandwich core, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and aircraft plywood. The exterior colours are painted and polished to a beautiful finish. The landing gear, wheels and brakes are superior over other brands that just leave you bouncing and skidding across the runway. The T-3 struts are a beautiful design and the Oil over air dampening is smooth and precise without binding. (Great for grass fields) The large Disk brakes make for smooth braking power as well. T-3 will include Air Retracts with struts, Wheels and brakes, Pipe, Large Kevlar Split Fuel & Smoke tank and hardware package.

The T-3 is available in all of the popular T-1 standard colour schemes and our custom colour schemes at an extra charge.

Nexus Models are excited to be able to offer the full range of RC Jets from T-One Models and are proud to say that we are the sole UK distributer for the T-1 Mini & T-1 Fortune, T-3 Fortune 2m & 3m Sports Jets and the new Scale Eurofighter.

Hopefully you will have had the chance to see the models from T-one in the flesh you will know the quality of build and finish.
Models include the Fortune Mini T-1, T-1 , T-3 & Scale Eurofighter, with more models to follow.
Please contact us for more information on 01604 627616 while we add more information