Carrera Slot Cars

Carrera Slot Cars

Making slot racing even more realistic, Carrera's range of digital systems in three scales allows close, fast and controllable racing.

Digital racing sets feature a number of cross over track sections, which allows a driver to change lanes to overtake a rival by simply pressing the red button on the controller handset.

It is also possible to use the digital control system to individually tune each car depending on the driver ability or preference. By adjusting the speed and braking characteristics it is possible to create the perfect balance and enhance the racing experience, especially for beginners (D132 & D124 only)

To make digital 132 and 124 even more realistic it is possible to incorporate pit stops and safety car options by installing the pit lane section (sold seperately) and programme refuelling stops and fuel levels via the digital control box. A digital lap counter and data console can also be fitted.

Digital 143 is the digital version of the popular GO!!! range. This allows up to 3 cars to race each other allowing fast furious racing for younger racers.